The e-Approval is the processing of business requesting and approving with paperless. It simplifies the complicated approval processing, and it improves the productivity thorough automation.

Many companies’ cultures are reflected

  • Various organization and corporate culture can be accommodated.
  • The system supports various work flows such as discretionary approval, delegated approval, back brief, corporation, audit, and etc.
  • Korean specific document management system is implemented.
  • Message / alarm

    Every document processing will generate alarms and messages through the email and CrewAlrm system

  • Reinforced link between systems

    Easy link with other systems developed for web-based operation.
    Compatible with existing ERP system.

  • Template

    Templates are registered document formats for new documents.
    Data standardization using common format.

Document approval and registration

  • Document approval following the approval line.
  • Registered signatures for all electronic approvals.
  • Easy selection of documents to approve.
  • Collaboration function with other departments and daily work audit function.
  • Internal approval and report forms registered in the company document repository.
  • Document distribution

    Approved documents area converted to operation PDF documents and shared automatically.

  • Document storage

    Approved documents are converted into PDF format and stored in the system.
    Stored documents can be searched for reference or citation.
    Paper approval documents should be scanned and stored into the system (external storage device). The system provides the functions to search the original documents(option).

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