CrewDDay is the App for the organization (company) to manage and share the work among employees to enhance job performance.

  • Daily, weekly, repeated monthly, annual functions
  • The solar calendar, lunar intercalation repeat function
  • Daily, weekly, monthly repeated, annual DDay blending capabilities
  • Shared features between members
  • DDay co-manager, involved setting function
  • Complete processing functions (for the project)
  • A variety of notification methods and various date and time notification settings feature
  • Alternative holidays alternative workdays and holidays lunar setting function
  • Individuals, organizations selected by setting different holidays
  • The need for such a person

  • DDay and share project personnel and organization management is needed
  • Organizations share the harp / withdrawal DDay and the staff and management is needed
  • Share the date of payment of taxes and the necessary personnel and organization management
  • Organizations want to share with employees the DDay events
  • Employees of birthdays, special occasions DDay, all groups you want to share the first-class ganyeom

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The CrewCloud Services from DaZone give you the power to collaborate using the Internet to make doing business more efficient and improve communication and enhance your every day business processes.
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