The mail engine, SMTP Server(CrewMTA) and POP3 server(CrewMDA), is self-developed..

  • The mail engine, SMTP Server(CrewMTA) and POP3 server(CrewMDA), is self-developed.
  • As soon as receiving mail, it is parsed and stored into the groupware DB in real time.
  • Attachments which have a large capacity will be automatically transferred as link
  • Set basic domain, multi domains and Alias domains.
  • Forwading and auto-response function.
  • Connect the external POP3 mail.
  • Approximately 95% of spam mail will be blocked by querying the famous worldround RBL sites.
  • Set balck domains and white domains.
  • The company's email forms can be used for composing a mail.
  • Check whether a recipient has opened the mail or not(In some cases, cannot confirm due to recipient's e-mail program settings).
  • Select email address from organization chart
  • When composing mail, it will be automatically saved in server so it is able to reload in case the content is unexpectedly lost.
  • Auto sort, Tagging mails, Block address, Create new folder(or mailbox) available.
  • Send reservation function: After creating mail, you can set the schedule to send.

The process from receiving a mail until a user see that mail

Our CrewCloud (Real time parsing and very fast)

Other competitors’ groupware (very complicated and slow)

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