The CrewNotice is contents sharing App, that is important thing of company. You can used personnel appointments, company board and anything sharing with employees.

  • The CrewNotice is contents sharing App that is important thing of company.
  • You can register for each category several CrewNotice, and you can manage individual menu.
  • Application Plan : Join/Retire Notice & Movement of department & Holiday of Company & Event of Company & Event of employee & Company Dinner Time Etc.

  • The CrewNotice are classified in 3 type view. These are category, total and important view.
  • Some articles, if you want, can be set so as to be displayed with pop-up window during the period you set.

  • You can share the CrewNotice with all people, specific groups or specific employee.
  • You can attache a file in CrewNotice to each notice and share it.
  • You can search for text in CrewNotice and the time required is just a few sec.
  • Any employee can writh a comment that will be share it.

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